Welcome to The Redclay-Smartboard PLC Wiki!


The state of Delaware for some reason forces many .notebook files to be downloaded as follows:

1. Right click on the file and click 'Save As' or 'Save Link As'
2. Change the format to 'All Files' (the second window)
3. Change the file name to .notebook (instead of .zip)
4. That should do it! Please e-mail Vicki Green if you have difficulty.

Here is where you will:smartboard1.gif.png
  • Download Notebook Example Files
  • Explore links that will help you learn how to use the SMART Board
  • Explore links that will show you how to NOT re-invent the wheel (Find already designed Notebook lessons ready to use)
  • Complete activities that will be required for the online portion of the course
  • collaborate with Red Clay teachers on your use of the SMART Board and develop a PLC (Professional Learning Community)
  • And more....